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Creative Technology

Building generative & interactive design.


Collaboration w/ Circus Foundry

A combination of an interactive escape room and immersive circus performance that takes the audience on a journey through time. Featured services include projection mapping, interactive devices, and generative video content all developed in TouchDesigner.

Check out more from Circus Foundry here!

"Modern Masters"

Collaboration w/ Boulder Ballet

A collaborative interactive performance that generated live video content via movement data recorded from dancers through use of accelerometer data and camera sensors. Developed in TouchDesigner and mixed in Resolume Arena

Learn more about Boulder Ballet here!

"Acoma Street Project"

Pandemic Concert Series

Acoma Street Project was a COVID safe interactive art exhibit and concert series run by IRL Art that took place in the thick of the pandemic. Services provided included projection mapping, audio interactivity, and generative visual content created in TouchDesigner & Resolume Arena.

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